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Serological testing in private laboratories in Serbia starting now

05.08.2020. - After weeks of negotiations, private laboratories began conducting serological tests for the corona virus.
According to information from the Association of Private Health Institutions, serological testing for coronavirus in private laboratories can currently be done in several cities in Serbia, including Belgrade, Novi Sad, Cacak, Nis, Kovin, Srbobran, Vrsac and Krusevac, while the price of the test is determined by laboratories. . A total of 27 private laboratories in Serbia have been approved for serological testing for coronavirus. The association also expects that a number of private laboratories will get permission for PCR testing, at some point.
Beside the Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Serums "Torlak", the list of laboratories for PCR testing on personal request includes, for now, the City Institute of Public Health Belgrade, the Institute of Biocides and Medical Technology and the Institute of Public Health of Serbia Dr. Milan Jovanovic Batut .
All these institutions are located in Belgrade.

CURRENTLY - Covid - 19 testing

Currently, in Serbia, the PCR test for the corona virus is performed exclusively by state, reference laboratories. No private laboratory is currently performing this type of testing. A serological test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a test for the antibodies presence in the blood, which proves that a patient had Covid-19, is also allowed, for now, only in state laboratories. You will be notified in a timely manner if a change occurs.

Private laboratories start with corona virus testing

15.07.2020. It is expected that private laboratories start with so called rapid (serological) testing in the near future. The Association of Serbian Private Healthcare Providers states that the agreements have been completed regarding serological testing, and according to the conclusion of the RS Government, approval has been obtained for private health institutions to start buying tests from the RHIF and perform testing. The Association notes: "we expect that private laboratories, interested in providing this service, take over the tests and start with antibody testing,  within the 48 hours".

Entering Serbia Without Covid-19 (CPR) Test

The Government of Serbia is recommended by the Health crisis headquarters stuff not to require the negative PCR test for the entrance to Serbia, as well the special permit for the Serbian or foreign citizens, starting on Friday the 22nd of May, 2020.
All persons entering the territory of Serbia will be given a health warning stating they are entering the territory where the virus is still active, with recommended preventive measures with the infection suppression. The recommendation of the Crisis headquarters staff should be confirmed on Thursday, 21st of May, 2020, at the session of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. They also made a recommendation to open an administrative crossing to Kosovo and Metohija. It was decided that certain health facilities that had been designated for COVID hospitals would gradually return to their normal work process and  all medical workers in those institutions  will be tested for coronavirus and start working only after a negative test result.

Covid - 19 (CPR) testing

According to the Ministry of Health, those interested will be able to do the PCR test in Covid dispensaries at health centers or public health institutes in Serbia.
PCR tests for the corona virus, at the personal request of the citizens of Serbia and foreign citizens, will cost 6,000.00 RSD on the territory of the whole of Serbia. Minors and students who have Serbian citizenship, as well as students from neighboring countries and Slovenia, will be tested free of charge. They will need a proof that they are in one of these categories.
Those who want to be tested will have access to the bank account to which the payment will be made, announced the RHIF acting director Sanja Radojević Škodrić on Tuesday, the 19th of May, 2020, after the Crisis headquarters stuff session.
When it comes to traveling to other countries, it was stated that citizens should follow the Europe and the World situation and get additional information at the Institute of Public Health.

21st of May, 2020, Decision Of The Government Of Serbia

At today's session, the Government of Serbia will make a decision that a PCR test or isolation will no longer be needed when entering our country starting on Friday the 22nd of May, 2020.

"We will have a Government session today, there will be no more obligations for PCR tests or isolation of those who enter our country, starting tomorrow. Our citizens who want to travel to other countries will act in accordance with the decisions of those countries," Mihajlovic said at Belgrade airport "Nikola Tesla" for the first commercial passenger flight of Air Serbia to Zurich, with which Serbian airline renewed passenger traffic after the state of emergency stoped.

Adopted: Free entrance to Serbia, without coronavirus (PCR) test

At yesterday's session of the Government, 21st of May, 2020, the proposal of the Crisis Staff for protection of the health of the population from the infectious disease COVID-19 on opening border crossings and free entrance for all people into Serbia was adopted, without the necessary coronavirus (PCR) test and board permission.


Covid - 19 Protective measures

Wash your hands thoroughly

Wash your hands when you come home. Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap for at least 30 seconds. Afterwards, be sure to wash your face, with warm water and soap, too.

Never touch your face with hands

Never touch your eyes, nose, mouth or face with hands until you wash them thoroughly with warm wather and soap.

Wear a protective mask

Wear a mask to protect others from yourself. If you do not have a mask, cover your mouth and nose with wipes or elbow, when sneezing and coughing. Carefully remove the mask without touching the front of it.

Wear glasses

Wear glasses when you are outside to protect yourself from microparticles that may enter the body through the eye. When you return home wash your glasses with warm water and soap.

Wear protective gloves

Wear protective gloves while outside. Wearing protective gloves is especially recommended when touching money or payment cards. Remove protective gloves immediately after using money or payment cards.

Recommended social distance

Recommended social distance is 2m. Be aware of that you can endanger someone, not just how to protect yourself.

Disposing of used protective masks and gloves

Any used protective gloves, masks or wipes after use must be disposed of in waste bins. Do not throw them on the street, floor, or anywhere other than the waste bin, so as not to endanger others. Be responsible to yourself but also to the others.

Clean your cell phones

When you return home clean your cell phone or tablet with alcohol if you had them with you outside. Scientists warn that cell phones and tablets are extremely favorable for development of viruses and bacteria, and that you did nothing if you washed your hands and took your cell phone or tablet without disinfecting it.

Think about the elders

Elders are everywhere around us. It is estimated that they are currently the most vulnerable group to the Covid - 19. All of the above precaution measures contribute to the protection of our elders. Take care of them too. Protect yourself to protect others.

Stay at home, think about your health

Be responsible to yourself and others. Stay home, think about your health and the health of the people around you.

Covid - 19 symptoms

Symptoms observed in people with Covid - 19

  • Increased temperature of the 38ºC and above
  • Soar throat
  • Strong and dry cough
  • Short breath