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Hair transplantation micro FUE technique service

FUE - hair transplant technique

FUE Hair transplant is a method of moving/extracting hair from a safe, giving region to regions where the hair is thinned or without hair. It is practiced in both sexes as a treatment for various forms of hair loss. FUE or follicular unit extraction, also known as follicular transfer - FT. FUE stands for one of two basic methods where we obtain a hair follicle from places that are not genetically predisposed to fall out as places where hair has fallen out. Using this method, we obtain follicular units that are the basic material for transplantation using the FUE technique. Exceptional skill is required in order to avoid even minimal damage to the roots of each individual follicle, the necessary material for a successful procedure.

The key moment for a successful hair transplant is the survival of follicular units after extraction from the scalp itself. Therefore, the extracted follicles are stored in a special liquid at a temperature of up to 8°C until implantation.

After extracting the follicles with the FUE technique, micro scars or so-called pits remain - small, round, white scars on the area of the skin from when the follicles were removed. We use 0.6 - 0.8 mm drills and in that way we get almost invisible scars on the donor region of the skin.

After the FUE technique hair transplantation, the patient's recovery time is significantly shorter, as is the entire postoperative process compared to other hair transplant techniques.

One of the most important steps of transplantation with the FUE technique is to open the canal in which we place the grafts. For that, we use a Sapphire scalpel, extremely thin and sharp, which contributes to the transplant without scars, as well as to the fact that no one notices that a hair transplant has been performed.

The best hair follicles are chosen very carefully, which will best suit the region where the hair has fallen out or is missing. Extremely precise implantation of hair follicles, in a precisely defined layer of skin, ensures maximum graft acceptance and achievement of the desired density. There is no damage to the nervous and vascular system of the skin, which achieves a good blood supply necessary for a successful procedure. A good blood supply is of great importance for normal hair growth.

FUE hair transplantation can be applied to both sexes and regardless of age. It is performed under local anesthesia, which makes it a painless procedure. The intervention is performed in one day and the length itself depends on the number of follicles that are necessary to be transplanted. During the intervention, the patient can watch television, use a tablet, mobile phone, read a book or sleep, which is usually the case. A break can be taken at any time to make the intervention more enjoyable. The patient continues to live a normal life from the next day, although a break of a few days is advised due to better and more careful care of the transplanted region, for which the patient receives instructions immediately after the intervention.

FUE hair transplantation is not performed in diabetics due to poor microcirculation and high possibility of graft nonunion and its poor oxygenation.

FUE hair transplantation are also not performed in people suffering from viral infections such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, as well as in patients who have impaired coagulation or inflammatory processes.

Treating of alopecia

Treating of alopecia is an extremely complex process that requires great patience and perseverance. With us, you have the opportunity to schedule all services for the treatment of alopecia of world-renowned techniques, from medical treatment to hair transplantation.

Combination therapy treatment

Results of combination therapy after only two and a half months. We continue to treat the region to complete hair density. The results are individual and vary from person to person.

Eyebrow transplantation micro FUE technique

Eyebrow transplantation is an intervention that is increasingly popular in cosmetic surgery in Serbia, and is currently a complete hit in the world. Eyebrow shape and thickness may vary and reasons can be different and when they are too thin, thinned or do not exist at all, they disturb the appearance of the whole face. The most common reasons are: hereditary factor, ie genetically conditioned, long-term plucking, scars a consequence of injuries, aging, but also as a consequence of hormonal imbalance. Before the eyebrow transplant, as well as before the hair transplant, a detailed examination is performed, as well as a conversation and consultation with the patient, where his/hers wishes are determined and defined.

Eyebrow transplantation is performed by the micro FUE method, currently the most modern hair transplantation technique in the world, the so-called follicular unit extraction. This means that follicular units (grafts) are taken one by one with a special micro instrument from the donor region, mainly the occipital part of the scalp, and we implant them in the eyebrow area, according to a previously precisely determined and agreed form with the client. The donor region remains without noticeable traces of intervention. A completely identical transplant technique is used as for hair transplantation. In this way, a completely natural look of the eyebrows was obtained and certainly a more permanent and aesthetically acceptable solution. The intervention is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless.

A few days after the procedure, the patient has scabs on the treated regions, and the hair from the transplanted follicular units usually falls out after ten days. New hair begins to grow after 4 months of the procedure. Transplanted hairs grow in the way they grew in the place from where they were taken, so occasional shortening is necessary, but it often happens that after some time they adapt to the new place, so shortening is no longer necessary.

Eyebrow transplant - procedure

In consultations with client, the exact shape and density of the eyebrows is selected and determined. The preparation of the donor region of the hair root located in the capillary (hair) is approached. The root is removed and transplanted into the desired region (eyebrows). In the photos, you can see what the donor region looks like, the haircut, the hair after the intervention, the beginning of the transplant and the end of it. Photos show what eyebrows look like the very next day, after the transplant. The next 7 to 10 days the scabs fall off. The transplanted root produces hair for the rest of its life, just as hair would grow in the place that was transplanted from. You get real hair in the place of the eyebrows where it was missing and you can shape it as you wish.

Eyebrow transplantation - the world's greatest hit!!!


If you think you are an ideal candidate for a hair or eyebrow transplant, be free to contact us and we will schedule an examination with a consultation where the doctor will detailed explain the entire procedure and care after the transplant.

It is necessary to perform an examination with consultations before the intervention, which is FREE OF CHARGE, in order to doctor determine the transplant is exactly what you need. Maybe your doctor can solve your problem with some other therapy and that is why it is necessary to perform an examination and consult a doctor regarding your problem.

Hair transplantation is charged per graft and is 120 RSD/1 €. You will be informed regerding the final price after consultations with a doctor who needs to determine the number of grafts that need to be transplanted in order to complete your request and make you satisfied with the final result.

The price of an eyebrow transplant is 550  but it is certainly necessary to previously perform examination and consult with a doctor who will refer you to the entire procedure.


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