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Maderotherapy - wooden roller pins anti cellulite treatment

Maderotherapy is an anti cellulite treatment that is performed with special wooden, so-called roller pins. As with all treatments, the results of maderotherapy are individual, but it still takes time for better results as well as discipline regarding eating habits. You need to take care of your body and health throughout the year, not just a few months before vacation.

If you want to achieve best results with madero therapy, you must start on time. Maderotherapy requires persistence, discipline and perseverance and certainly helps, but lasting results are achieved only by following the advice regarding diet and lifestyle that you will receive from a certified maderotherapist, who performs the treatments. The results are usually visible immediately after the first treatment, and after the third, there is a feeling of the skin tightness and a decrease in volume. For the best effects, it is necessary to do a series of ten treatments in a specific period of time. For lasting results, it is necessary to repeat the treatments from time to time.

Individual treatments


  • Roller pin treatment 1.500,00 RSD
  • Anti cellulite hand massage treatmant 1.200,00 RSD
  • Anti cellulite stomach hand massage treatmant 1.000,00 RSD
  • Anti cellulite arms hand massage treatmant 900,00 RSD

Anti cellulite massage packages


  • 10 roller pin treatments 12.000,00 RSD
  • 5 roller pin treatments + 5 hand anti cellulite massage treatments 11.000,00 RSD
  • 10 hand anti cellulite massage treatments 10.000,00 RSD

Night 'N' go lifting and breast/buttocks enlarging


  • 1 treatment 2.000,00 RSD
  • 5 treatments 7.500,00 RSD
  • 10 treatments 14.000,00 RSD

For lasting results, 5 to 10 treatments and maintenance once a month are needed.

New probe and packages mix treatments


10 probe treatments 13.000,00 RSD
10 probe treatments + 5 buttock lifting Night 'N' go treatment 16.000,00 RSD
5 probe treatments + 5 roller pins treatment  12.000,00 RSD
5 probe treatments + 5 hand anti cellulit massage treatments 11.000,00 RSD

Anticellulite massage gun


1 Treatment 900,00 RSD
5 Anticellulite massage gun treatments + 5 roller pins treatments 10.000,00 RSD
5 Anticellulite massage gun treatments + 5 hand anticellulite massage treatments 9.000,00 RSD

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