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About us

Our team is made up of professionals who are committed to service improvement and satisfied customers with highly secured data privacy. Technological improvement has led to greater efficiency and easier access to information and services, but only in theory, which has not been proven in practice. An interesting market research has imposed on us desire to help with booking everyone in need of medical, cosmetic surgery, beautician or translation services, but have no time or experience. That is the reason we have established a magnificent team that will strive to meet your wishes and requests.

How we got to the DrBooking?

You mast have had a situation in your life that you needed to contact urgently a private practice or a clinic. Unfortunately so have I. A person close to me ended up at the Emergency Room after one episode of her life.
Afterwards, that person supposed to perform a list of specialist examinations. Since I did not receive any information at the Emergency Room where I should take that person for examinations, I should have found out as soon as possible what the specialist examinations were, what they included, how much they cost, whether these doctors are really going to pay attention to that person, whether laboratory analysis are included and where the clinics are located. The Internet is the main tool, you guesed, but at one point I realize that the information presented on the web sites do not match with information you get over the phone and that if you are not a little more curious and inquisitive you will not get the review or intervention you wanted and paid for. Simply put - what is in the window is not in the store. Since I had a limited budget and a list of examinations and analysis that needed to be done and paid for, I had to start calling and searching for information what clinic does what examinations, what is included and how much it costs. First, I used one clinic to give me guidelines on what specialist examinations that person needs. Why I say used it - because that is the only private clinic in Belgrade where doctors answer your call at the call center, and the total price for all examinations, they offered, was far from what I could afford at that moment. So I used them only to get the information which specialist examinations I should search for. After that, I started researching and inquiring. I managed to find a polyclinic in the city center, which is close to the residence, has specialist examinations that I am looking for, laboratory analysis and the price per examination was almost twice lower than in some famous clinics and polyclinics in Belgrade.  As for the quality of the service, I would just say that the person who for decades refused to go to the doctor, came out from each examination more relaxed, smiling and in the end fully satisfied. Every doctor gave her full attention and the treatment we all deserve, and not to be insulted and shouted at, so you never go to the doctor again because of that. She was no longer afraid to go to the doctor again. After that experience, I realized that I can help many and refer all those who wantand need to go to a private practice or a clinic for an examination, consultation or intervention, because I have been researching for quite some time and I never stop to do it who is really good at providing medical, antiage and beauty salons services in Belgrade.

Call me, write to me! Save yourself time looking for the service you need !!!

Everything you are embarrassed of or uncomfortable to ask, I will ask for you. If you do not know who to refer to for a specific health problem or intervention, I will instruct you.
I will always recommend you only the best in Belgrade!


                                                                                                                                                                      Una Arsenović
                                                                                                                                                              Health and antiage services agent
                                                                                                                                                            and founder od DrBooking Belgrade